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We know that school life is always busy and that preparation time is often limited. That’s one reason why we have kept 5 Star 5 Steps simple. The other reason is that, for children,  running, jumping, hurdling and throwing IS simple – whether for play, for excitement, as a personal challenge,  to compete –  or a mixture of those things.  Children need to experience any sport on that level first, before being concerned with to much technical information. 


  • 5 star 5 steps is designed to slot easily into your PE lessons. It can also be used for after school clubs, sports days and fun sessions.
  • Equipment needs are minimal; cones, SAQ hurdles, gym mats, tape measures, 3m of wide elastic to use as a high jump bar, soccer balls, Vortex whizz balls, marker tape, garden canes.
  • Each session should start with a warm up. Running playground games are ideal – tag and other chasing games, skipping games, beanbag games, and short combinations of bounding, skipping and hopping.
  • Give children plenty of time to experiment with the activity before timing, measuring and scoring. But don’t neglect this aspect of the activity.  The emphasis is on personal improvement, not competition.
  • Go to Primary here on the home page tool bar and you will find detailed instructions for each event, including videos, organizational tips and scoring.
  • Download our PDFs on scoring and whole year group “Have a Go Day” organization here.
  • At the end of term they can choose their best three events and calculate which Star Award they have achieved.