Five Star, Five Steps:  An athletics development programme for primary schools

Faster, Higher, Further – Every child can Achieve!

5 Star 5 Steps is an athletics award and skills building scheme for children. It presents suitably adapted running, hurdling, jumping and throwing events, the foundation skills for all sports, for school years 5 and 6. Crucially, it also provides the basic teaching points for each event (5 Steps) via videos and task cards so that teachers and beginner coaches can assist children  to grasp the foundations of good technique in an age appropriate, enjoyable and educationally sound way.

Quotes About 5 Star, 5 Steps

“5 Star 5 Steps is fun and challenging – which makes it easy to develop more specific athletics skills. Improvements are immediate and create more confident athletes.” Mrs Kuldip McMillan, Head Teacher, Stanwix Primary School, Carlisle.

“Thank you for the very informative session on Monday afternoon. It was amazing to see how quickly the children could pick up the new skills. The progress they made in such a short time was fantastic, especially with so many sets of eyes watching!” Heather Greer, Derwent Vale Primary and Nursery School

“The videos were a really useful resourse especially for non-specialists”

“Children enjoyed tracking their progress and improving their personal score. It was good for them to see what a difference useing arms etc did to improve performance…” Bookwell School.

“Good outcomes – teachers and pupils more confident with the steps. Improved high jump technique”

“Children enjoyed following their personal progress” Seascale School.

“The session plans and technique ideas to refine skills are fab! Simple to explain and quick to invovle children”

“Its a fab concept!” St Begas School

About 5 star 5 steps

The importance of introducing children to healthy physical activity habits has never been clearer.  As a society we also desire to provide a pathway to achievement.  Long term potential starts with simple steps and simple rewards – Five Stars – Five Steps!  For children these two objectives, healthy lifestyle and achievement, can and should be intertwined, through playful involvement and measurable personal improvement.  Athletics, the major Olympic sport, is the ideal context for this and provides powerful role models of both sexes which both girls and boys can relate to.    It also develops skills and fitness which are the fundamentals of many other sports. 5 Star 5 Steps provides a simple, computer based, tried and tested award scheme for schools, athletics clubs and training groups (5 Stars), supported by clear teaching and coaching points for each event (5 Steps) designed to be applied by non-specialists.

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