Soccer ball chest push

Overview: Children can learn about height of delivery, and the effective use of legs and upper body in developing maximum throwing distance.

  1. Organise the group into pairs. A stand behind a line, feet together with the ball in the hands at chest height.  Push ball forward horizontally as far as possible.  B marks the place where the ball first touches the ground. Reverse.
  2. This time A pushes ball up and forward at a 45 degree angle. B places marker where ball lands.
  3. A places one foot at the line with the other one 30 cm approx back from the line. Feet are hip width apart.  Knees are slightly bent.  Push ball up and forward as 2. B places marker. Reverse.
  4. A uses same foot placement as 3, but prior to throwing leans back before pressing forward with legs and shoulders simultaneously, push the body weight over the front foot. (See diagram)
  5. Similar to 4, but as the child pushes weight forward over the front leg and arms extend, push the fingers forward and out. A throws, B marks, then reverse.

See instructional video below.

(Once this is mastered, throws can usefully be measured to encourage progress)


Stretch out marking tape at 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m and 7m from a throwing line. thrower stands behind line as illustration above. Each child has a practice throw and two measured throws.   Each child’s furthest throw is awarded points as follows:-

7m or better  5 points

6m or better 4 points

5m or better 3 points

4m or better 2 points

3m or better 1 point